Japan economic news, October 8, the original question: China "along the way" against the TPP for the United States under the Obama administration to exclude China advancing trans-Pacific economic partnership agreement, XI Jinping, China's leadership has been taking against the initiative.  This is to strengthen the infrastructure, such as ports, railways and power generation facilities investment, in building country-Center of Asia economic circle "along the way" concept.

"along the way" refers to the aid from China to Europe by land and from the coast of China to the Middle East, the African sea route 2 route of constructing the economic zone of national strategies.  United States-led TPP strive to unify Asia Trade and investment rules in this regard, China's leadership launched a fight for "investments in infrastructure that Asia needs" concept.

Japan formally participate in TPP negotiations in 2013, China suddenly shows that discuss the pros and cons of participation in TPP, showed China "surrounded by nets" to feel anxious.  But then the TPP negotiations are deadlocked, China's Commerce Ministry officials expressed the hope that the TPP reach a compromise as soon as possible so that United States Government to sort out personnel to promote negotiations with China, showing confidence.

in the TPP countries embarked on the final stage negotiations on October 3, China is in during the national day holiday, China Central television started to broadcast the Asian countries as national, a well-known announcer introduces special news programs on the ground. Sino-us focus on Asian economic circle to dominate the battle was in full swing.