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                Stock shocks closed higher oil prices falling over

                Stock shocks closed higher oil prices falling over

                closed in the afternoon, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 224 points, to 17749, or 1.28%; the Nasdaq composite index was up 76 points, to 5071 or 1.51%; Stampp 500 index rose 30 points, to 2073, or 1.45%.

                in nine years of zero interest rates, the Fed has finally taken the first step on Wednesday raised interest rates by 25 basis points. Before the Fed released the policy statement, the market had widely expected the fed to announce a decision to raise interest rates, Wall Street stock market rally continued in early trading Tuesday, and further shocks after the Fed raised interest rates to rise in the afternoon until closing. Meanwhile, the dollar fell 0.4%, gold 1.26% ounce 1076, New York oil prices fell 4% to 35.85 Yuan per barrel, in addition, European stocks were mixed, Asia-Pacific stocks higher.

                fed ending 2015 the last monetary policy meeting on Wednesday and in the northeastern United States policy statement two o'clock in the afternoon. 0.25% Federal Reserve announced Thursday to raise the federal funds rate, the new rate will be 0.25%-0.5%.  According to Fed's bitmap (dot plot) shows, the Fed plans raised interest rates four times in 2016, which raised its benchmark interest rate to around 1.4%, and the Fed's long-term goal is still maintained at the level of 3.5%.

                in monetary policy statement, the Fed said that since October, America's economy has been moderate expansion, household spending and business fixed investment has been growing at a solid rate in the near future, further improvement in the property market, further improve the employment market. However, net exports remained weak. Inflation remains below the Fed's long-term goal, which partly reflects the decline in energy prices as well as non-energy prices for imported goods. But the Fed is also expected in energy and import prices are falling after temporary effects dissipate, as the job market further, inflation will rise in the medium term to 2%.

                in addition, the Fed also said that following the rate hike, monetary policy stance will remain loose, to provide support for employment and inflation.  The Fed Chairman zhenniteyelun (Janet Yellen) in the press conference that followed the Fed action marks the end of special period, normalization of interest rates will be achieved step by step.

                the Fed keeping interest rates close to zero for nearly 9 years, according to the market statistics, since the Fed's zero interest rate, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 65%, commercial real estate prices rose 93%. Meanwhile, America's labor market is gradually improving. Traders think the raised interest rates for the first time in 9 years? United States television/United States Chinese interviewed NYSE trader Stephen Guilfoyle, here is an interview segment.


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