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                Domestic financial institutions without payment problems

                Domestic financial institutions without payment problems

                officials told Xinhua that China's Central Bank, commercial banks for lack of liquidity forecasts recently, some banks increased pressure on liquidity management.

                but the official said that liquidity in the banking system is generally moderate, financial institutions have no payment problems. Xinhua News Agency came as interbank market time of tight money.ĦĦĦĦMarkets worry that this kind of situation in the interbank market, as daily financing difficulties faced by small and medium financial institutions could default.

                since the beginning of June, the Central Bank has been in curbing supply of funds on the interbank money market, usually at a 2%-3% level of interbank interest rates rose sharply.ĦĦĦĦInterbank overnight lending rate on Tuesday to close at 5.8%.

                China's Central Bank had earlier said in a statement on Tuesday, recently, the Bank has provided support to a number of financial institutions to ease the liquidity shortage, relatively healthy financial institutions, would they in the future funding arrangements for temporary position gap to provide liquidity support.


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