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                Zhou xiaochuan: Bank of money shortage is in live-fire exercises

                Zhou xiaochuan: Bank of money shortage is in live-fire exercises

                Chinese Central Bank Governor Zhou xiaochuan said in Shanghai Lujiazui during the forum for the first time on "the money shortage storm" position, grasp the Central Bank's liquidity, the market is basically understanding.  Yesterday, the comments caused a buzz in the industry.

                year evaluation, hot money, and so forth, so June money is especially tight.  Central Bank unusually sternly instruct that the market and "not bad money", firmly several times that they are not pumping money into the market, causing panic in the financial industry.

                many industry insiders believe, is funded via central banks do not properly. Financial expert Zhao qingming, said if the Central Bank injection of existing risk may be submerged, bring more risks to the future.  Zhou xiaochuan told reporters said the money market interest rate volatility, its positive significance prompted banks, need to adjust to their assets.

                he believes that six check points and other factors, the urge to bank loans is very strong. This trend of balanced growth and prudent monetary policy, loan requirements, as well as service, support for structural adjustment in the real economy is not exactly the same. "They tend to adjust the back. "

                Li daokui, a Professor of Economics and management, Tsinghua University believes that" the money shortage storm "shows the urgency of reform. "In the past few years, Chinese financial institutions expanded very quickly, which has brought a lot of hidden toxic assets, must undergo a process of restructuring cleanup to get funds to activate, otherwise the current ' new money to fill bad ' embarrassing situation would continue. "

                tough Central Bank on June 25 changed," has provided liquidity support to financial institutions the expression "gradually calmed the money shortage crisis that took almost 1 month.  However, the intention of the Central Bank is still memorable.

                Lei Sihai, a financial columnist believes that the "live-fire exercise" for future international prepared a number of variables. "Relevant departments have access to important data, which targeted to fix flaws and vulnerabilities in the financial system in China, of course, know the root system is the best. However, the Central Bank's action commendable. "

                China is not the possibility of a financial crisis. Li Xunlei, Chief Economist at haitong securities, China crisis or event, while tensions on the Central Bank's funds once looked on, is actually a warning to Bank irregularities.


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