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                IMF, World Bank optimistic about growth prospects: China is still the world's economic driver

                the International Monetary Fund and World Bank autumn annual meeting from October 9 to 11th in Peru's capital Lima. China's economy during the meeting concerned.  International agencies, senior government officials and experts made positive comments on China's economic situation, optimistic about the prospects of China's economic growth, arguing that China remains an important driving force for the development of the world economy.  

                earlier this month, the International Monetary Fund released its latest World Economic Outlook report, cut its forecast for global economic growth this year, but the forecast for China's economic growth remain unchanged, growth is still 6.8%.

                International Monetary Fund Chief Dominique Lagarde, 8th in Lima said, falling within the expected China's economic growth, will be beneficial to its economic growth. Christine Lagarde said: "China's shift to a consumption-driven economy growth model in the process of maintaining the existing rate, its performance has been good enough. "

                Zhu min, Vice President of the International Monetary Fund said in a media interview, the International Monetary Fund have confidence in China's economic growth. China's economy faces structural adjustment process, from investment and export-led shift towards a service and domestic demand-led. China's economy service and consumption share of GDP were significantly increased, suggesting that economic structure is moving in a good direction. In the adjustment process, the slowdown in economic growth is a good thing, not a bad thing, because it would reduce the risk, and improve the quality of growth.  Therefore, although fluctuations in the world economy increases, but the International Monetary Fund to keep China's economic growth prospects.

                the World Bank's Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of kaoshike,Basu in an interview with reporters, said more than 30 years, the average annual economic growth rate reached 10% per cent of countries only. Currently in a period of economic restructuring in China, maintaining 6.5%-7% economic growth has been very good, this is few of them to be able to do. The current economic slowdown is significant opportunities to improve the quality of economic growth in China. Even so, China is still one of the fastest growing economies in the world economy.  In the short run, some problems faced by China's economic development, but in the medium and long run, China is still an important force in promoting the development of the world economy.

                to attend the International Monetary Fund and the autumn annual meetings of the World Bank Finance Minister Lou Jiwei, China's 10th accepted a joint interview with Chinese journalists. In his view, when the international financial crisis, China's share of global gross domestic product is less than 10% more than 50% of total economic contribution to global economic growth. As the economy enters the new normal, China is now pushing for structural reforms, economic growth will be maintained at around 7%, and continue to make important contributions to global economic growth, but it is unrealistic to expect China to continue to ultra high speed economic growth.


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