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                Jin Liqun, cast in the United States "charm offensive": the Bank door still open to beauty

                Asia's infrastructure investment bank (Asia Investment Bank) Jin 21st in Washington local time, President-designate of the United States address the Brookings Institute, full English Asian Investment Bank development strategy, made the above remarks during the period.  His appearance caused United States great concern from all walks of life and various officials, academics and members of the media will be so crowded the venue "full", it serves us very curious on the head of investment banking in the Asia.  

                facing the audience, Jin reiterated that now "it's time" for Asia to do more, and domains within and outside countries provide new financing mechanisms for infrastructure in Asia, which reflects China's responsible attitude, United States without worries, Asian Investment Bank doors to United States open.

                he acknowledged that China has territorial disputes with several neighbouring countries under the background of Asia investment banking initiative started by excessive doubts, there are concerns whether China has the ability to run a Bank and supported by the Asian countries.  But China has been determined early in the initiative, even if only China sang "monodrama", also founded the Asian Investment Bank, in fact, Asian Investment Bank ultimately won the support of 57 Member States.  

                as President-designate of the remarkable, Jin decided to implemented in the Asian Investment Bank "zero tolerance of corruption" policy from "leaders".

                "my grandmother was 108 years old, many years ago when I came to the Bank's work, she did not ask about my salary, but told me I have two pockets, one on public money, one on his, do not put public money into their own pockets. I never forgot what she was saying. "Jin remarks caused a burst of applause.


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